Buying Guide: Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak Models and Features

Sometimes, owning a polyethyline hard surface kayak just isn’t an option. Perhaps you live in an apartment and you have no place to store it, or perhaps your car is just too small and you don’t have a trailer in order to transport your kayak. Whatever the case may be, you still want one, and luckily you have the option of purchasing an inflatable model. Having said that, there are certain attributes that you have to consider when making your purchase, as these are quite rare and you won’t always get the best information or deals when looking. In order to make this easier for you, I’ve done the leg work and have written this list of the best inflatable fishing kayaks, along with attributes to consider when making your purchase. Happy yakangling!

Attributes to Consider in Each Model

Durability: It doesn’t do you much good to own a kayak that doesn’t float, so your top priority should always be to purchase one that has a high grade of durability. Signs of this are warranties, multi-layered materials, and abrasion pads.

Size: Even if its an inflatable kayak, its easy to run out of room if you aren’t careful, to store it away. Luckily, most aren’t huge, so packing them away in your car should be an afterthought.

Comfort: Inflatable’s are notoriously uncomfortable when you sit in them. Make sure that your seating isn’t awkward, and that they are properly cushioned.

Weight Support: Finally, make sure that your kayak offers enough weight support. Many times weight support is sacrificed in models, so if it doesn’t say that it supports at least between 400-500 pounds, be very cautious.

Benefits of Using Inflatable Models: The most obvious benefit to using an inflatable is their space saving qualities. You can store these kayaks just about anywhere, and they won’t take up nearly as much room as standard models. This becomes even more important if your up north, and lakes and rivers are too cold to transverse, until warmer months. Another benefit is the cost. Inflatables are typically cheaper than standard solo kayaks, and you won’t have to purchase a trailer in ordet to transport them.

Top 5 Models

Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Hunting and Fishing Canoe, 2-Person

I think this is the best inflatable fishing kayak for the money. Although its shaped like a canoe, this 2-person inflatable has the manuverability of a kayak. It has a double hull, which increases its durability and allows it to handle rugged waters, and an 18-gauge PVC construction, which features a 4200 nylon cover as well as a reinforced bottom. So extra care was taken to ensure that the bottom isn’t punctured in the case of ground scrapping. Finally, it supports up to 500 lbs which is perfect weight management, and has a 1 year warranty, so Sevylor isn’t afraid to stand behind their products lifeline.

BIC Yakkair Fishing-2Hp Inflatable Kayak

This is a tandem inflatable kayak from BIC Sport, and we like it a lot. It has 2 fishing backrests and rod holders, and is very light, weighing in at just over 42 pounds. Most non-inflatables weigh in the neighberhood of 100 lbs. Finally, extra care was taken into making sure that this model was durable, with a high proprietary pressure floor and an integrated keel system, increasing manuverability and tracking capacity. It does come with a very hefty price tag however, about as much as the best standard tandem kayaks on the market. If you have the room, opt for one of those instead.

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Kayak

A surprisingly decent fishing kayak from Advanced Elements, this model comes with just about everything you could ask for. Extra care was taken into making sure that this model was durable, with abrasian pads and a multiple layers of material. It even has an aluminum rib frame, and has all the rod holders and lumbar support you could ask for, so the rigging and comfort of this kayak are great. No complaints here, except for its steep price tag, and that it only supports one angler.

Coleman Rio Canoe Hunt Fish

This is Sevylors 1-person version of our top pick, and we also like this one a lot. It has everything that the Colorado has, including 18-gauge PVC construction, 420D nylon cover, a reinforced bottom, double hull strength, and is very comfortable. The biggest difference is its smaller, cheaper, and supports less weight with just one seat. However, if you plan on going solo, this is a winner.

Tahiti Fish/Hunt Kayak

The Tahiti is an extrmely cheap, bare bones 2 person kayaking model. Its not even really a fishing kayak because it lacks proper rigging. However, for its price point, it comes very stable and is quite large as well. The seats are also fairly comfortable, although it barely makes the cut in terms of weight support for two people at 400 lbs. Finally, it comes with multi-layered material to prevent holes.