Riot Kayak Reviews

Riot Kayak ReviewsAnother very popular brand, Riot Kayaks feature a nice lineup of very affordable fishing kayaks and other waterway floaters. One of their more popular models, the Corisca, was designed personally by Corran Addison, a renowned professional surfer and kayaker, and they pride themselves on their ability to produce yaks that can handle rough river water.

It doesn’t really stand out to me compared to other brands, but doesn’t really have any weak points either and they have a model for just about anything you could want. However, their angler models are simply exceptional, and they look professionally constructed, with plenty of storage spaced, rod holders, and a nice design for transport. If I had to pick one con about them, its that their higher grade models tend to be a little bit on the heavier side, but they are very affordable and offer entry level versions so most people can enjoy them without breaking the bank.

Reviews of the Top Models

Escape 12 Angler

The Corisca was Riot’s most popular model, and its name comes from the city in Canada that the company is based out of. The design and name have since evolved over the last decade, and the core design has been renamed the Escape. Their Angler version is one of the leading fishing kayaks on the market, and this may be my all around favorite. Its a sit on top, which most anglers tend to favor, and features 5 rod holders. One of its many top notch features include a pilot rudder system, and its quite stable like most sit on top of this size. On the downside, its in the neighborhood of $700 and weighs 55 pounds.

Escape 12 Sit on Top

This is Riots bare bones model, in case your trying to save a few bucks. It still has 2 rod holders for leisurely fishing, but gives you increased space if your intentions are to do some straight white water rafting or diving. Its main benefit is that it is a little more affordable compared to the Angler.

Escape 9

This is Riots most affordable, recreational model. Its small, at just 9 feet, but is a very light 37 pounds, has great durability, and is extremely agile while out on the water. Its not the quickest and the tracking has obviously been sacrificed a bit to make the model a bit more stable, and there is no rudder system, but you get what you pay for here.

Thunder 76

The Thunder is Riot’s answer to other brands advanced professional kayaking models. Its expensive, small, and extremely heavy for an 8 foot kayak at over 45 pounds. I also hate the way it looks. That is the downside. On the other hand, its extremely fast and comfortable, with a perfectly designed seat that fits the contour of your back, this is designed for long range high risk water excursions.

Edge 13

The edge is a very large SIK, but if your ignoring price, its one of the best touring kayaks on the market. Its incredibly light, only weighing 44 pounds, that is insane for a 13 footer. The skeg is retractable, but I suggest you keep it down to help with stability in a fast river, and it has a low deck profile, adjustable seating, and two storage areas, so the option is there to fish.