Old Town Saranac 146 Review

If you’ve done a little research, your first though might be, has Old Town changed the Saranac into a kayak? Ok, you got me, this isn’t a yak, but I couldn’t help but write a review on this excellent product, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the effort I’ve put into it. There are many differences between a canoe and a kayak by the way, from the double bladed paddle, to the steps and the width of the boat, to seating arrangement, however both canoes and kayaks serve the same purpose, so carry on.

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I consider canoes, to be more of a family oriented vessel. There is a ton of room, and they can hold a ton of equipment and have a high load capacity. The Saranac is every bit as effective, and is great for fishing. It has the rod holders, polyethylene hull, a nice anchor system, and can is very durable. However, I’d highly caution against a beginners and young people from using canoes, as they tend to be much more unstable.

Product Features

Load Capacity and Storage: The canoe is like a mini boat, and can carry up to 750 pounds. It has molded in seats, storage trays, and plenty of rod holders for anglers. There is a front padded seat, and a rear padded seat, and a bench in the middle, with the hatch located in the center.

Price: The Seranac should cost you around $600, which is very good for a canoe. Kayaks typically run you cheaper because they have less load capacity and are built to be smaller, but this model is almost 15′, its a beast.


Positive Attributes

A few things that stand out to me about this model, is the price. You would find it quite difficult to beat $600, and its an anglers wet dream, with plenty of room to move, cast, and store lures. It even is partially pre-rigged with adjustable rod holders.

Another minor perk is the weight. Kayaks which are similar in length can weigh up to 100 pounds or more, but the Seranac only weighs in at 80 pounds, thanks to its thermoformed polyethylene hull.

A few extras include a waterpoof container and a cooler for storing accessories.

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Negative Attributes

Stability is very questionable in this model, and I certainly wouldn’t bring first timers out on the lake with this, as your likely to spend the afternoon on shore teaching them how to enter a vessel and balance it. This is actually a knock on canoes in general, as this is about average in terms of stability.

The length of the canoe can also serve as a problem, for trying to transport, and I doubt you will be able to load it on to your car. If you decide to add a trolling motor, it just makes the entire system impossible to transport.

Its not designed for long, marathon type trips, canoes are designed for short, leisurely paddles on still waters

Final Analysis

This is about as good of a boat as you can expect for the cost. Its not going to blow you away with features, but as a fishing vessel, its comfy and more than serves its purpose. Most of all however, be wary of using this fast paced waters. It can handle lakes and streams just fine, but the stability of the canoe and the design make it difficult to transverse anything that requires maneuverability and speed.