Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Reviews

sea eagle kayak reviewsAnother company that prides itself on inflatable kayaks, Sea Eagle is well known for producing incredibly durable, lightweight floaters which can air pumped in minutes. What separates them from other inflatable kayaks on the market, is their price range. All Sea Eagle’s should be fairly cheap, and none should exceed $500, making them the product of choice for many families. On the other hand, with affordability comes a catch, and these kayaks are quite small and lack the comfort of other similar brands on the market. The tandem versions in particular are so small and compact, that I wouldn’t recommend them for anyone other than children. Like always, you can attempt to rig these and fish from them, I just think your better off looking elsewhere except if your interested in just a casual light round of angling.

Review of the Top 5 Models

SE330 Review

The 330 is a tandem model which has been built with versatility and ease of use in mind. It is quite easy to transport, inflate, store, and even easier to use. Construction wise, its built with extremely thick polykrylar, which is a lightweight material but durable and sturdy enough to carry up to 500 lbs of weight and multiple people.

So how durable is this kayak? Its suppose to be able to stand up to semi-difficult of whitewater rapids, class III, and includes nice I-beam construction, tubes nine inches long, and welded seams. Accessory items include spray skirts, oars, an air pump, a bag to carry the 330 around, and two oars.

SE 370 Review

Amongst Sea Eagle’s inflatable kayak lineup, the SE370 is designed to be the lightest and quickest of the bunch. It supports up to 500 lbs of weight, which means two adults or a lot of storage area. The polykrylar material is punture resistant, and it can be stored just about anywhere. Accessories include the same items you will have found in the 330, but with the inclusion of rope handles and a self-bailing drain valve. The main difference between this and the 330, is its sturdier and longer.

SE420X Explorer

Quite the rarity in the kayak world, the 420X can hold a whopping 3 people and up to 855 pounds of weight. It is insanely durable, able to withstand rapids all the way up to class IV, while still maintaining the storage perks that you get with most inflatable kayaks.

One of the most overlooked attributes to inflatable kayaks, are their use of valves to keep everything on the inside dry and to prevent sinking. This model comes with 4 very large drains, helping you maintain stability as well as dry. Don’t worry though, no matter what you decide to do with it, it will float, even if flooded with water. Material used for the construction of the 420X includes high pressure fabric, polyester, 1,000 pound proof denier. Everything about this model is made to be tough, and comes with the stand accessories you would expect, an inflatable pump, a couple of 8 foot paddles, guards, etc. But just 2 seats(third member will have to wing it.

Fast Track Tandem

Another tandem kayak by, the Fast Track is NMMA certified and includes many great features that you are sure to love. One of its unique properties is the inclusion of 6 D-rings, which secure your seats in place, no bumping around while drifting down rapids in this model.

It also comes with the rest of the qualities that the company is known for, including easy transport, easy to grab handles for transport, a compact size, and quick deflation. The hull of the yak itself is composed of plastic which is resistant to virtually all of the elements you will find while rafting, including light, heat, and puncturing. All of these features are nice, but the reason why this kayak was so appropriately named, was due to its tracking feature, as it contains a removable skeg that allows for improved control and improved speed. For an inflatable, this has great tracking. If you purchase the pro package of the Fast Track, you’ll get additional seats, paddles, and bags to help store the product, and overall its a great value.

SE435 Paddle Ski Catamaran

This is the ultimate inflatable kayak by the makers of Sea Eagle, and is designed to eliminate all of the hassles that typically come when purchasing river yaks. Usually when you buy a kayak, there is a huge concern as to how stable it is, and how easy it will be to transport. The Catamaran however eliminates these concerns, by incorporating two evenly divided tubes which make up the foundation of the boat.This gives the kayak arch support, and makes it more like a boat than a kayak. With the addition of the tubes, your also looking at increased speed, although you also have the option of adding a motor to the rear of the kayak if you really want to get from point A to point B quickly.

Additional features which are included in this kayak include swivel seats, two rod holders for fishing, a sailing right, and a full rowing frame. You can even go one step further by purchasing the pro package and getting additional paddles, pumps, and storage bags to go along with perhaps the most versatile model in its niche.