Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Review

From the makers of some of the best inflatable kayaks in the world, comes perhaps the best model in the world. Sea Eagle has created an extremely cheap, very durable, efficient and convenient kayak in the SE370. I say the best, but I’m also speaking strictly about the price point, as it is far from perfect. However, as far as inflatables go, your not likely to find a model with as much attention for detail.

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What I like best about the SE370, is you can tell its been made with a meticulous eye towards the needs of the kayaker. The release valves are near the back of the boat, which means you can sit near the front of the boat. Its deflates easily, is generally light, incredibly durable, and there is plenty of room. You should definitely enjoy this model if you want to try your hand at this hobby, although you should beware that some models come DOA. Luckily they come with 3 year warranties, so send them back if you need to.

Product Features

Sea Eagle SE370 ReviewThe Sea Eagle comes in two different packages, deluxe and pro. The kayak itself is the same in both models, but the pro package comes with several additional accessories, including a carrying bag.

Weight: Its an inflatable kayak. Its light, at just 32 pounds, it has a 650 pound weight capacity and has room for up to three people.

Inflation/Deflation/Storage: the SE370 can be stored just about anywhere. The pro package comes with an airtight bag(deluxe does not), and will auto deflate and inflate in about 8 minutes.

Tracking: Underneath the inflatable are a couple of skegs. This helps with tracking, but can also be a hindrance.

Positives About this Product

There is a ton of room in the 370, and the main reason why I prefer this model over the 330. Its paddling on the riververy stable and tracks well for an inflatable, and better than some hard surfaced models. Getting in and out of it is a cinch.

The seating arrangement is highly adjustable. You can choose to have them in, or you can move them around the kayak, or simply toss them out. There aren’t a ton of features, for instance you aren’t going to get all of the padding and perks like you would with a hard surface kayak, there obviously are no mounts or rod holders, however, you simply can’t beat the price. If you don’t have much of a budget but are serious about fishing, it doesn’t get much cheaper.

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Negatives About This Product

The 370 has a couple of inflatable seats which are designed to prop you up, for an easier time paddling. These are useless, and I really don’t like how high above the water you set. Most people who have used this kayak have said that they have a difficult time paddling for long periods of time, so if your short and stout that is a problem.

Some of the products come DOA. If you notice that the kayak deflates or is easily punctured, return immediately. Thankfully there is the three year warranty. The skegs underneath can be a huge problem as well. When you are folding the inflatable up, they can get in the way, and bend pretty easily. Plus there is no protection for them if you paddle up to the shore, they could drag on the bottom and break off, so be wary of that.

Although the kayak itself weighs just 32 pounds, all of the additional gear that comes with it pushes that over 50. If you plan on doing some hiking to a remote location before kayaking, you might be in for a bit of a workout.


Final Analysis

If your wondering which to go with, the 330 or the 370, I would definitely choose this model, as it is much larger and comes with sturdier material. The price is about half that which you would pay for a hard surfaced model, and its versatile enough to give you the ability to tour or simply go out for a quick paddle. However, there are much better options out there if you have the money, and I myself would only purchase this as a fun, family lake water raft. If you enjoyed this review of the SE370 and would like to learn more how fishing kayaks work, check out our guide here.