Sevylor Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Sevylor kayak reviews A company which has been around a little over half a century, Sevylor Kayaks is one of the worlds leading brands when it comes to inflatable kayaks. Initially a small electronics company located in france, they first began creating kayaks around the late 1940’s when they discovered that through the use of PVC, they could produce inflatable goods. These were wildly popular, and their brand grew out of this niche. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and a relatively newish industrial material, and is best known as being softer than plastic, flexible, and inflatable. It is the most useful polymer type substance used today.

From there, the upstart company quickly became the global leader in inflatable kayaks and many other PVC products. From inflatable kayaks, to rafts and canoes, even bathtubs. As it pertains to kayaks, when you purchase a sevylor product, you can be assured that they will be very affordable and durable, especially when considering that they are inflatable. Like other inflatable kayaks however, a major downside is that you will need to use a skeg in order to paddle straight, and these will also need to carry around an electrical air pump in order to blow these up.

Review of the Top Models

Inflatable Pointer K1

This is a one person inflatable which features plenty of storage space, while also having the durability and maneuverability to handle some of the roughest waterways, including white water rapids. It holds an industry standard 300 pounds, but the material used in its construction is a little different than other inflatables, and is called Sevtex, a patented polyester material which is then laminated with Sevylors toughest PVC material into a type of shell. The storage areas include bungee lacing near the rear to hold your items, additional tie downs, and a rear cargo hatch, but along with the additional storage space comes a great deal of comfort. The seat is padded and has a nice backrest, and if you need to lift the kayak it has easy to access, sturdy handles.

This kayak gets its name from the shape and direction of its pointed stern and bow. It has two skegs and a flat bottom which helps provide it incredible support against rough waters, and the stability you need to not tip. The Pointer K1 also tracks incredibly well, for an inflatable faster water kayak, you would be hard pressed to find another kayak.

Sevylor Fiji Travel Pack

This is a tandem kayak featuring two types of seats, including a removable frontal seat and a fixed seat in the rear. It has a semi-rigid I-beam floor and features three different chambers for storing air, which helps give it its shape and provides a safeguard just in case one compartment is damaged, to not completely sink. Included in this model is a 5 piece paddle set, a travelers bag, a guaranteed 90 day warranty, and Sevylors promise that the PVC is air tight and will not leak. What I like most about Sevylor’s models is that it is very quick and easy to inflate and deflate, they have a double lock fast valve which will deflate or inflate the kayak in minutes.

Personally, I think this kayak is designed for children, as its probably too compact for an average sized adult. Another problem with it is I don’t like the lack of Boston valves, which I believe is a must in order to help keep your kayak drained. The Tahiti however features these.

QuickPak Coverless Sit On Top

This is Sevylors featured one man sit on top kayak, which is a rarity for inflatables, and its a beauty. Its extremely versatile, and has seen a lot of use in both recreational type activities such as whitewater kayaking, but you can also use it to fish quite easily, which I think is the major boon of it being sit on top.

One of the attributes which allows the QuickPak to be a sit on top, is an extremely durable PVC construction. The 21-gauge PVC is guaranteed to be air tight and not leak, yet remain comfortable and stable. It comes with an adjustable backrest, a rear storage area, and lacing near the front in order to hold items. Finally, along with the standard accessories like tracking fins and aluminum paddles, it is designed to allow for hand pumping, which makes the kayak versatile when compared with the other Sevylor models which require electrical air pumps.

Tahiti Classic

Supporting up to 400 pounds, this is another tandem kayak by the makers of Sevylor. Its constructed with the use of a durable 26-gauge PVC and includes two air chambers and i-beam flooring to help give it its shape and allow for stability in the waters. Along with its spray covers and directional skeg, which comes standard in Sevylor kayaks, it has a double-lock valve to prevent air loss, making this an extremely durable kayak.