Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 Review

The Tsunami is crafted in 9 different sizes, but I think that the standard touring 135, 140, and 145 models are the best for yakanglers. It has a very sleek V shaped hull which provides that stability that you need while on fast paced rivers and if your racing the boat. This makes the kayak extremely versatile and able to handle a multitude of different scenarios, including ocean currents. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for rapids, as it is too long.

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In terms of storage space and cockpit room, this isn’t a great option. This is a high performance touring model, and it doesn’t come with any rod holders or a dashboard. On the other hand, it does have three separate hatches including an 8 inch domed hatch mid ship, so the option is there to store fishing gear if you want to, although it isn’t ideal. Additionally, there is an optional rudder system in the back, if your the lazy type.

Product Features

tsunami cockpitThe Tsunami comes with all of Wilderness Systems standard patented features. It includes the Phase 3 AirPro seating system, which is slightly adjusted for the touring model. Its also loaded with padding and an a compact cockpit.

In terms of weight and load capacity, this model isn’t built to hold a ton of gear. Its maximum capacity is 300 pounds, and at 14′ 53 pounds its quite a beast to carry for a one man kayak.

Three hatches give plenty of dry room storage, although you won’t be able to easily get to two located at the rear and the front of the hull, the smaller mid hatch will allow you to store cell phones and the like.

The cockpit is midsized. The 140 is a touring kayak, and is designed to be middle in just about everything, from weight, size, and cockpit room, to speed and stability.

Positive Attributes About the Model

This model was designed to fit the needs of a wide range of different sized paddlers, and be very paddling on the riverversatile. Like all Wilderness kayaks, its well fitted and has a great, sleek finish, and there are enough bungees to hold most paddles and other larger loose items.

Just like all of their models, the seating is excellent, with three adjustments to help fit the needs of whatever you are doing, and the foot brace system allows you to adjust the kayak to fit your height, giving you the torque you need to help paddle.

The Tsunami 140 tracks amazingly well. Its hull is V-shaped down the entire length of the kayak, and it helps with both maneuverability and stability. Basically, when you first get into the kayak, it provides great initial stability, but also if you tip to the side, the boat is designed to sit on the water and not dump you out.

Negative Attributes About the Model

If you decide to go with a rudder, its going to cost you over $200. Its not a necessity though, but the rudder is a very expensive upgrade. Also, don’t confuse this for a straight fishing kayak. You can get by fishing, but its not recommended, as there really isn’t a lot of room to store your fish, cast, or reel.

Also, this kayak is incredibly expensive. Touring kayaks typically are, but Wilderness Systems makes you pay a bit more for their brand.

Final Analysis

The Tsunami 140 is a pretty good kayak for what it is designed to do, tour. It doesn’t have a ton of space to do much in the way of fishing and diving, and it won’t shield you through white water rapids, but its perfect for racing and for long paddling sessions. If you enjoyed this review and would like to learn more, be sure to read our guide on how to choose a fishing kayak.