Wilderness Systems Kayak Reviews

wilderness kayak reviews

Rounding out our series on kayaking brands, is Wilderness Systems Kayaks, who basically control the market when it comes to high end kayak brands. Their Ride 135 Angler might as well be a fishing boat, as it comes with all of the necessary features, has an area to drop a trolling motor, and even has the like, as a sit on top model.

What sets Wilderness apart is their high weight capacity and gliding system. They have several patented designs and systems, including the Phase 3 Air Pro seating system and the SlideTrax system for easy to assemble kayaking accessories. All of their models are designed to look sleek, stable, and track well, so no matter which model you purchase you should be able to outfit it with fishing gear. The hull designs make them easy to enter, and most of the models are stable enough to go seafaring and can handle the choppy waves while executing nice surf landings. They feel right at home no matter where you want to go.

The only issues you might find with these are the price, a poor draining system with a lack of scuppers near your seating area, and choosing your favorite color. When I did my kayak shopping they only offered this in Mango! I think they now feature several other colored models.

Reviews of the Top Models

Ride 135 Angler

The Ride 135 is an amazing fishing kayak, than any yakangler is sure to love. It can carry an incredible 500 pounds of weight, a patented Phase 3 AirPro seating system which is incredibly comfortable and easily adjustable, Orbix Bow and Midship Hatches, and a Flat mount deck for a stable surface in case you need the additional casting space.

Tarpon 120

The Tarpon is a very versatile, jack of all trades SOT kayak. It has a nice foot brace system, and a patented SlideTrax Accessory System which allows for easy installation of many standard kayaking accessories. Its built for a single paddler but can carry up to 350 pounds of weight, and can handle both ocean waves and river currents.

Pungo 120

The Pungo is Wilderness Systems leading recreational kayak, and one of the best selling models in the world. It features all of the patented ideas and designs that can be expected in a Wilderness Systems product, including a Phase 3 AirPro, a SlideLock adjustable footbrace system, a removable console if you need the additional space for movement, and plenty of comfort an support.

What I like best about the Pungo is despite its high impact design, the model is incredibly efficient and lightweight, and only weighs 49 pounds and can carry up to 325 pounds.

Pamlico 145T

The Pamlico is designed to be an incredibly fast kayak for two. Its built with high-density polyethylene plastic, and is incredibly durable, it even has a protective skid plate underneath where kayaks are the most vulnerable. Despite the effort to maintain its durability, it has the necessary comfort features as well, including Phase 3 AirPro. The rudder system is retractable, and it has an Orbix stern hatch for easy access.

SlideTrax Accessory System

SlideTrax is a rigging design that is available exclusively from Wilderness Systems. This includes platforms for additional rigging on the dashboard, sideboard, a transducer arm(TDA), and an easy to add and take apart anchor trolley. It even comes with an attachable toolboard for storing tools and fishing equipment. If you liked this review and want to learn more about fishing kayaks and what to look for when deciding which to purchase, check out our guide here.